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When it comes to getting free college tuition, who could possibly turn that away? Millions of college applicants go for scholarships every year for this very reason. Unlike many forms of financial aid, scholarships don’t need to be paid back — which means free money for you to get a degree. Scholarships are set up to give people a chance at attending college without letting finances stand in the way.

Pathways College believes strongly in the power of scholarships (we even offer our own!), and today, we’re giving you some tips on how to apply for one. You deserve to go to college and not have money hold you back, and you also deserve to graduate without years of debt looming over you, waiting to be paid off. Scholarships can make this happen. Get tips from our affordable online college, see what degree programs we offer, and apply for your own Pasadena scholarship with Pathways College!

5 Scholarship Application Tips

Apply locally, and apply a lot.

Chances are, you’ll get rejected for at least one of the scholarships you apply for. But if you keep applying and don’t give up, your chances for getting a scholarship will likely get better. Look for local scholarships in particular, and ones that offer smaller sums of money — the number of applicants is usually lower. Pathways Colleges offers an incredible scholarship for students in the area. We encourage all applicants to look into it!

Have a plan in mind.

In addition to local scholarships, industry-specific scholarships are pretty common. If you already know what you’re going to school for, this narrows down your search quite a bit, making it easier to find scholarships that are relevant to you. Be ready to talk about what you would use the scholarship for, how it would help your career, and what your plans for your career entail. This will also be greatly beneficial planning for any essays that you will write.

Work hard, and keep track of it.

Organizations that are giving away scholarships are giving away money — they want to be sure that their funds will be put to good use. If you haven’t worked hard in school, participated in extracurricular activities, or volunteered career-relevant hours, it’s going to be much more challenging to find a scholarship. On the other hand, if you have done all of these things, but have nothing to show for it (such as a letter of reference or transcripts), you’ll be in the same boat as someone who didn’t work as hard as they could.

Pathways College is a great opportunity for people of all backgrounds to advance their education and careers. We are passionate about making education accessible and affordable for all, which is why we offer a number of scholarships that are available for our students. If you’re awarded the initial scholarship, a $5,000 tuition grant is offered for your first year — this is an opportunity that should not be passed by! Apply for both our scholarship and our affordable online college today.