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There’s a common myth for people considering online courses. People either think that they either do great with online college, or terrible. They’re either dedicated and focused enough for online school, or they’re not and need to attend courses on campus. Online courses are either easy for people to complete, or they lack the discipline.

Are these things true? Pathways College is here to investigate. We’ve talked to several people who have taken both online and in-person courses. If you’re trying to decide if online college is a good idea, read on to see what people have to say.

“You can work [online courses] around your own life.”

Ask Ashley V. how she feels about online courses, and she’s all about them. “I think the convenience of online courses make them less stressful,” she says, “because you can work it around your own life.”

The convenience is a huge draw to people who are interested in online courses. You don’t have to shift your schedule to attend classes or get work done. Instead of having to show up at class, you can set your own pace — something we’ve talked about in previous blogs.

Of course, there are still deadlines that need to be met, so there are still some time restrictions with online courses. But the flexibility and pacing makes online college much more appealing than attending classes in person.

“Online classes take a lot of personal discipline.”

Kyle S. struggled with online courses and isn’t afraid to admit it. “Online classes take a lot of personal discipline. The online courses that I have taken, I have always missed deadlines, due dates, class participation, etc. Expectations are rarely set as clearly earlier on because there is no physical communication.

“Some teachers will take videos of themselves talking to try to bridge that gap, but every online class that I have ever taken has had requirements that have been “hidden” or things that I found out about when it was way too late.”

However, Kyle also talked about how he’s had a hard time reading through the details of the syllabus: “When you’re in a physical classroom, you don’t really have a choice but to listen through all of the nitty gritty. The professor does a little more of the heavy lifting as far as guiding through expectations.

“I have met people who are more personally accountable and organized and they don’t seem to mind online courses. TLDR — I forget requirements and deadlines with Online classes no matter how hard I try not to.”

“I found online to be more stressful because I’m a kinesthetic learner.”

Madison H. explains further: “I learn best by communicating with people, being able to ask questions in real time, and feeling like I’m a part of the lecture.”

Many people who enjoy participating in these types of classes agree that it’s sometimes easier to learn when they can engage in the materials. However, our online courses at Pathways College utilize discussions and forums and projects so that you can stay fully engaged.

“Saving money and time is a huge advantage.”

It can be tough to financially take the time to attend college in person. However, many people can take classes online while still working, and be able to save money — not just from working, but from the fact that online courses are nearly always cheaper. Online courses tend to work really well for people who desire the flexibility (both with time and money) and feel disciplined enough to keep track of their studies.

But that’s not to say that if you don’t fit the mold, you can’t succeed at online classes. We encourage every interested student to get in touch with someone from Pathways College today to learn more about our business administration and liberal studies programs. Find out more about enrollment and contact us today.