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Studying in groups comes with tons of benefits, and they’re not all just for helping your academic success. Our online college knows how meaningful studying with others can be. We also know that online courses can sometimes leave people feeling isolated, which is why we’re diving into a two-part blog series about study groups!

In today’s blog, we’re going to focus solely on the benefits of studying with others. Part II will cover some tips on forming a study group, as well as when you should study alone. Stay tuned, and check out our business administration and liberal studies programs to get your online college experience going!

Reduces Procrastination

Most people wouldn’t consider studying to be “fun.” It’s no surprise why many people put off studying for as long as they possibly can. Or even if you hit up a library to study, how often are you checking your phone, scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, or doing anything you possibly can to avoid getting down to business?

We all procrastinate from time to time. Working with a study group is a great way to curtail procrastination. Everyone will be there with the same intention, and with a set amount of time, you’ll find you accomplish quite a bit when working with others. Plus, meeting consistently means you won’t have to pull that finals all-nighter to cram a semester’s worth of information into your brain.

Cover More Material

Some concepts are easy to learn, others are more challenging. Where you might struggle, a study buddy from the same online college course might excel (and vice versa). Study groups are great for collaborating and sharing on all ideas and perspectives in order to learn the material more thoroughly.

On another note, if you miss something important, you can usually trust that someone in the study group will have the material you need. Working collectively can make a huge difference in your academic success.

Retain More Information

Do you learn best by watching PowerPoint slides and hearing people lecture? If so, you make up the 65 percent of people who consider themselves visual learners. More than a third of the population struggle to learn in this fashion, which is where study groups come in.

For many people, talking about what they’ve learned in an online college class or doing an activity with it helps them retain information better. Study groups are excellent for helping all kinds of learners, whereas online courses usually present information in a one-dimensional way.

Engaging and Social

Study groups aren’t just all about work, they’re a fun and social setting that can help people make new friends! Some of your best laughs and memories will come from bonding over a tough class. Especially if you’re taking online college courses, which can be very isolating, forming a study group can help you meet people and make new friends.

That’s it for our Part I blog on study groups. Stay tuned for our online college’s next post, and start thinking about how a study group might benefit you!