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The College Mental Health Crisis

Stressed College Student

Managing mental health is important at all points in life, but this is perhaps even more true for college students. There has been a growing concern with the pressures college students face, all of which have seemingly contributed to a mental health crisis for students across the country. College is supposed to be one of […]

How to Start Up a Study Group

Welcome back to our blog series on study groups! Last time, we talked about the benefits of study groups and how they can help your academic success. But how do you start one up, especially if you’re attending an affordable online college like Pathways College in Pasadena? In today’s blog, we’re going to *study* that […]

The Benefits of Study Groups

Studying in groups comes with tons of benefits, and they’re not all just for helping your academic success. Our online college knows how meaningful studying with others can be. We also know that online courses can sometimes leave people feeling isolated, which is why we’re diving into a two-part blog series about study groups! In […]

Healthy Habits For Second Semester

You finished up finals, you relished in your break and got to relax (or at least, we hope you did), and before you know it, second semester has begun. This can be a pretty tough time for students. Luckily for our students at Pathways College in Pasadena, winter isn’t as dreary as what most other […]

Studying Tips for Finals

The end of the semester looms as a stressful, dark, and exhausting final push until break. In fact, saying it’s stressful is an understatement, especially when you have grades riding on the cumulative result of one exam. You’ve worked hard all semester, and now you have to work even harder to do well on finals […]

More Ways to Save in College

Welcome back to our blog series on ways to save money in college! As an affordable online college in Pasadena, we at Pathways College believe that you should not have to go broke in order to get a degree. Sadly, however, this is usually the case for new students. Wherever you can save money in […]

How to Save Money in College

You don’t need us to tell you that college is expensive. It’s the reason why so many young adults find themselves in debt, and it’s also why so many people choose not to go at all. At Pathways College, we believe you should have the opportunity to get your degree without having to break the […]

Scholarship Application Tips

When it comes to getting free college tuition, who could possibly turn that away? Millions of college applicants go for scholarships every year for this very reason. Unlike many forms of financial aid, scholarships don’t need to be paid back — which means free money for you to get a degree. Scholarships are set up […]

Back-to-School Study Tips

It doesn’t matter if it’s been a few blissful summer months or a few years since you’ve stepped into a classroom: getting back into the school and studying mindset is hard. You’re using your brain in a new capacity, and like anyone who lifts weights at the gym for the first time in awhile, there’s […]

Reasons to Get Your Degree Online

In this day and age, getting your degree is no longer just an asset, it’s a necessity. To even be considered as a candidate for job interviews, you need to have a degree. It goes without saying that getting your degree is an essential part of adulthood, but for the many prospective students who are […]