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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Online Education

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In light of the current epidemic, schools are shutting down, letting out early, or making a desperate shift to implement online education. It’s fair to say that nearly every student is impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, even those who already attend an online school. However, our current unprecedented situation does shed light on some of […]

Tips For Taking Online Exams

Unfortunately, there isn’t any getting around taking final exams when attending college, even through an online college. And even though it may seem like taking exams is easier when you have an opportunity to find the answers, it is still a challenging process that requires planning, strategy, and of course, a lot of studying. Here […]

Biggest Challenges & Benefits of Online Learning

There are several challenges to earning a degree, no matter where you study. But there are certain aspects of attending an online college that make it a unique challenge. Before registering for classes online, it’s a good idea to do some research on the requirements and expectations to ensure that studying online is right for […]

How to Create a Distraction-Free Study Zone

Studying is obviously an essential part of being successful when you’re attending college. When you’re attending an online college, however, where and how you study is even more important. Because there isn’t a physical classroom and you may not talk to your instructor in person, taking the time and effort to study and learn the […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Attending an Online College

Striving to earn a degree is a noble desire, whether you attend a traditional four-year university or an online college. An education can greatly improve a life, with an opportunity for a better career and future growth, a greater income, and a chance to create valuable relationships. But attending college is challenging, no matter what […]

Questions to Ask When Searching for an Online School

On the surface, all online colleges might appear to be the same — they all offer a variety of classes that are taught online rather than in a classroom. However, there are various things to look at and questions to ask to ensure that you’re attending a school that can give you the education you’re […]

How to be Successful at an Online College

Regardless of whether you’re taking classes at a physical location or if you’re joining an online college, studying is hard, it takes time, effort, and there will be distractions that get in the way. But unlike a traditional school where you sit in a classroom and there is a teacher at the front, an online […]

6 Tips For Paying For College

There is a lot of debate among the presidential candidates surrounding the topic of free college and tuition. Should public and/or private colleges be free? If so, should it be free for everyone or just people within a certain income bracket? There most likely won’t be an answer to this question even after the election […]

Is Online College For Everyone?

There’s a common myth for people considering online courses. People either think that they either do great with online college, or terrible. They’re either dedicated and focused enough for online school, or they’re not and need to attend courses on campus. Online courses are either easy for people to complete, or they lack the discipline. […]

Can Online College Improve Mental Health for Students?

All the signs and all the data points to one thing: Mental health concerns for college students continue to be on the rise. Campuses across the nation are seeing an influx in students needing help. The pressures of college could be from having to be a responsible adult, on your own for the first time, […]