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Liberal Studies

Degree Requirements

  • Total number of credits required: 60 credits
    • General Education Requirements: 24 credits
    • Core Courses 24 Credits + Elective Focused 12 Credits

Program Overview

The Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts introduces students to literature, philosophy, social science, and analytical and critical thinking skills, all of which prepare you for lifelong learning and social, cultural, and technological change.

Upon successful program completion, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Find careers in business, government, and social services agencies like adult and family services, and health and welfare.
  2. Demonstrate entry level abilities for several different careers, including but not limited to:
    a. Preschool teachers and teaching assistants

    b. Office and Administrative support staff

    c. Human Resource Assistant

    d. Social Science Research Assistant

    e. Sales representative
  1. Examine major national and global issues, especially those issues related to cultures, diversity, and technology.
  2. Adopt an independent view of the world while developing critical, creative thinking, and communication skills.
  3. Develop awareness of art, history, philosophy, and technology, and the impact these disciplines have on contemporary issues.
  4. Examine a personal role within a career, local communities, and global communities.

Associate of Arts Liberal Studies Courses

Course CodeCourse TitlesClassroom Hours/Credits
LIB101Introduction to Liberal Studies3
LIB111 Introduction to Urban Studies 3
LIB112Multicultural and Gender Studies3
LIB131Information Systems and Literacy3
LIB211Social Inequality3
LIB213Analysis of Contemporary Literature and Film3
LIB221Reading and Writing in the Humanities3
LIB250Evolution of Music3
Total Category Hours/ Credits36
General Education Requirements
COL105College Success and Critical Thinking3
Written & Oral Communications6
Arts & Humanities3
Social & Behavioral Sciences6
Physical & Biological Sciences3
Total Category Hours/ Credits24
Total Program Hours/ Credits60

Suggested Liberal Studies Electives

LIB142Physics: The World Around You3
LIB231Famous Trials in American History3
LIB253Introduction to Research Methods3
LIB280Lifespan Development3

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