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Learning Support Program

We welcome students with learning differences and disabilities to take part in our  Learning Support Program. At Pathways College, we believe that all students can benefit from direct support, frequent guidance, and flexible scheduling. Our college is a safe and supportive environment in which to academically grow, develop confidence, and learn executive skills that lead to thriving futures. 

Students in the program are equipped with strategies for self-advocacy along with recommended accommodations. Faculty provide interventions and support to help students achieve their individualized goals. 


College program leaders meet with students at enrollment to ensure that accommodations are documented and adequate to supporting individual student success. Agreed upon accommodations will be documented in an Individualized Support Plan. Accommodations must be therapist-recommended and can include but are not limited to:

  • Extra time for assignments, tests, and course completion

  • Extended grading periods

  • The chance to redo assignments and retake assessments

  • Use of calculators, text-to-speech, and speech-to-text technologies

  • Weekly support check ins

Your Story Is Our Story

Some of the school leaders at Pathways College have personal experience with managing learning differences and disabilities in their own lives. From dyslexia to ADHD, these leaders have gone on to earn graduate degrees from top research universities and have started multiple companies and nonprofits. These stories reflect research in cognitive diversity on the massive potential of each and every student regardless of ability or diagnosis. 

Sign Up

To sign up for the Learning Support Program please contact Dr. Randall Hoggard at to set up an appointment. We look forward to learning how we can best meet your needs.

The Learning Support Program is not a special needs program and we are unable to offer specialists or therapists. However, if specialists and therapists would help your student succeed, we are happy to help with providing referrals to trusted professionals and service providers.