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Degree Requirements

  • Total number of credits required: 60 credits
    • General Education Requirements: 24 credits
    • Core Courses 27 Credits + Elective Focused 9 Credits

Program Overview

A career in business is versatile. Some occupations involve working with people; others focus on products. A principle focus of the program is to prepare graduates for entrylevel positions and for advancement in various occupations and professions in the business world.

Upon successful program completion, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate entry-level expertise in the following areas and more:
    a. Bookkeeping and Accounting

    b. Human Resources

    c. Marketing

    d. Communication
  2. Pursue the study of business at the bachelor level or to obtain professional placement in their chosen field.
  1. Adopt an appreciation for the social and cultural environment in which business is transacted.
  2. Understand areas that include information technology, leadership dynamics, ethics, and international relationships.
  3. Demonstrate awareness of organizational leadership.
    a. Establish and execute effectiveness of organizational goals, policies, and procedures.
    b. Participate in strategic planning.
  4. Examine an organization’s financial and budgetary activities.
    a. Review financial statements, sales reports, and other key performance indicators.
    b. Explore cost cutting possibilities.

Associate of Arts Business Courses

Course CodeCourse TitlesClassroom Hours/Credits
BUS101Introduction to Business3
BUS111Principles of Accounting I3
BUS112Principles of Accounting II3
BUS131Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
BUS210Introduction to Economics3
BUS221Business Law3
BUS222Business Ethics3
BUS232Project Management3
BUS241Principles of Marketing3
Total Category Hours/ Credits36
General Education Requirements
COL105College Success and Critical Thinking3
Written & Oral Communications6
Arts & Humanities3
Social & Behavioral Sciences6
Physical & Biological Sciences3
Total General Education Credits24
Total Category Hours/ Credits60

Suggested Business Electives

BUS102Organizational Change3
BUS201Personal Financial Management3
BUS212Principles of Microeconomics3

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