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Welcome back to our blog series on ways to save money in college! As an affordable online college in Pasadena, we at Pathways College believe that you should not have to go broke in order to get a degree. Sadly, however, this is usually the case for new students.

Wherever you can save money in college, you should. It might not seem like a big deal at the time, but everything adds up. Take a look at some ways to save from Pathways College, and enroll in our business administration or liberal studies program to enhance your academics and career path!

If It Makes Sense, Wait

Seniors in high school are chatting excitedly and frantically about college — where they’re applying, where they’re going, and what they’re studying. This is all well and fine if you’re a senior who knows exactly what you want to go to school for and are ready to start (though most people do end up changing majors at least once). But if you’re not sure, it’s OK to wait on attending college. It’s far too easy to get swept up in the pressure of following the trends and getting into school, but taking a gap year or two to figure out what you really want can end up being in your best interests.

Waiting on attending college might help you further decide what you want to study, which can save you from paying excessive tuition if you end up switching majors (which, as we mentioned, most college students do). It can also give you some time to work and save up, and you might end up appreciating your college years even more.

If you’re gung-ho on attending college, absolutely go for it. But if you’re not yet sure and are trying to figure things out, you could end up saving a lot of money, solely by holding off when you start college.

Look Into Affordable Online Colleges

Online colleges are usually significantly less expensive than colleges that require you to attend in person. In addition to cheaper tuition, here are a few other bonuses that come from enrolling in an online program:

If you’ve thought your only way to save money in college is to stock up on Ramen and eat rice and beans, we’ve got good news: there are more effective ways to save big bucks while getting your degree. Pathways College is a great place to start. Look into our admissions page to find the information you need to get started, and to begin your application process!