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Welcome back to our blog series on study groups! Last time, we talked about the benefits of study groups and how they can help your academic success. But how do you start one up, especially if you’re attending an affordable online college like Pathways College in Pasadena?

In today’s blog, we’re going to *study* that very topic. See how you can get a study group up and running, and look into admissions with our liberal studies and business administration courses today!

Set Your Intentions

If you want a study group to help you with the specific material, you’ll want to meet up with people in your class. But if you just want people to help hold you accountable to your study schedule, you have a bit more flexibility. If that’s the case, you could meet up with people from different courses and still congregate in the same area. Figure out what you’re hoping to gain from a study group first and foremost — it will be easier to then find what you’re looking for.

Chat With Your Classmates

There are two ways to go about this for online courses. If everyone’s spread out all over the country for your program, you can see if anyone is nearby and interested in meeting up in person. If not, you can talk about setting up a monthly skype study date and seeing if others are interested — this would be particularly useful before any big quizzes or exams.

If people are nearby, you can go about things the same way and determine a location that works best for all interested parties. Be flexible to changing up the location if people are coming from further away.

The other thing that’s tricky is simply getting a study group set up when everyone is busy. When you’re reaching out to classmates, see if others are interested in staying on top of their coursework, as well as dividing and conquering material when necessary. Visit our previous blog for more benefits on study groups, and feel free to use those examples when trying to garner interest and start up your own group!

Message Your Professor

Wanting a study group specific to your course, but don’t know where to begin? Your professor might have some insights to share. They also might be able to assist you in reaching out to other classmates or know of existing study groups you can join. College professors are there to help — don’t hesitate to ask for it!

Work Out the Details

Once you have your group set, start putting things into action. Figure out things like:

The last point should be figured out before you meet, that way you can all get right down to business (after ordering a delicious latte and catching up on life, of course).

When you enroll with our affordable online college in Pasadena, know that we are committed to your success. If you’re looking for study groups, we’ll try to help as best as we can! Pathways College is an online solution that can put you on the right path. Look into our program options today!