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The Pathways Approach

Affordability meets flexibility

Recognizing an essential need for affordable and adaptive programming in the post-secondary landscape, Pathways College was designed to provide quality education at little to no out-of-pocket costs for students. Our tuition rate is well below the national average—and we intend it always to stay that way. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to follow their dream of earning a college degree and pursuing their occupational passion. Click here to read more about our Mission and Institutional Objectives.

In addition to low tuition costs, Pathways College supports its students with highly flexible term calendars and online courses. Most of our students plan to earn their degree in Liberal Arts or Business Administration in as little as 3.3 years! You may even be eligible to transfer up to 90 credits from colleges or universities you’ve previously attended to count toward your terminal degree from Pathways College.

Is Pathways College Right for You?

Our low cost and high flexibility program makes Pathways College a logical choice for many students, including:

First generation college students who might be intimidated by a large campus or university tuition rates

Recent high school graduates who aren’t ready to move away from home or are seeking a no-stress college experience

Students with full-time jobs, children, and other major responsibilities

Returning students and those interested in pursuing a new or second career

Those seeking a baseline degree that can be built upon later with advanced professional certifications and occupational licenses

Students who need to be home as much as possible for medical, mobility, or other reasons

Whatever your reasons are for considering Pathways College as a post-secondary option, we’ll work with you one-on-one to find a course plan that meets your unique needs.

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About Pathways College


The mission of Pathways College is to provide opportunities for students to realize their dreams by removing financial barriers in attaining a college education.

The faculty and staff are dedicated to instilling the core themes in the students through a challenging, innovative, and rigorous curriculum:

Liberty: Students understand Pathways College is a safe place where they are free to think, speak, and act freely as long as they do not infringe on another’s freedom or rights.

Personal Responsibility: Students take ownership of their choices and understand the consequences of their actions.

Service: Students understand the importance of generously being of service to others.

Institutional objectives

The institutional objectives provide a basis under which its academic programs are founded. Pathways College offers rigorous high-quality programs and online courses through non-traditional deliveries that:

  • Promote global perspectives through participation in courses and activities that exhibit global views.
  • Ensure effective communication through participation in courses where students are expected to present and critically discuss material through both individual and collaborative efforts.
  • Require students to find, critically analyze, and synthesize information.
  • Use quantitative reasoning to solve real-world problems.


The vision of Pathways College is to create a post-secondary choice for students who are underserved in our communities by providing a quality education that is personalized and accessible without generating the burden of debt to the student or their family.